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31 May

I was so happy earlier this week to get this unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation from Jonathan Allen:

“Arnie is an experienced Job Coach who really knows what it takes to land the interview. I gave Bose my very best resume, cover letter and follow ups, but still got a refusal. Arnie then put forward a better resume, etc., and I landed a great interview and a great job at Bose. I still rely on Arnie’s great advice, and it pays off.”

If you have been running into stone walls in your job hunt, like Jonathan was before we met, you might want to consider the impact that coaching can have on your career. Chances are, I will be able to considerably shorten your job search process. For most people, even cutting off a week from the hunt far more than pays for the cost of coaching expenses. And, if you itemize your tax return, job hunting expenses like coaching can be a deductible expense.

My rates will be increasing during the summer. You will receive today’s rates for as long as you remain a client of mine if you sign up before the increase goes into effect. Let’s figure out together how I can be most effective for you!

Happy Hunting!


Invitation To My Next LinkedIn Presentation

13 May

I hope to see you at my next presentation!



Wednesday, May 22nd from 6:00-7:15pm

Career Source, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge MA

3rd floor of Fresh Pond Shopping Center near the Alewife T Station.

There will also be an opportunity for networking along with refreshments.

In this forum, you will learn:

  • Why you should build your online network, and how to do it
  • How to use your network to help you get your next job
  • How to create an effective, compelling profile
  • The value of recommendations and endorsements
  • How to use LinkedIn to research opportunities and stay up-to-date in your field
  • How to identify and be seen by the thought leaders in your industry
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups to multiply your networking efforts, and may you “findable” by the right people.

Registration: Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Please call 617-661-7876 ext. 0 to reserve a seat and pay with a credit card, or pay cash at the door.  Cost: $10.00.

Career Source is operated by Middlesex Community College. Learn more at:

22 May

A new way to find me… and lots of other services and goods. Check out

Career Coach & Job Search Coach

Top 10 Ways To Slow Down Your Job Hunt

22 Feb
  1. Play The “Happy Game”. Don’t deal with depression, frustration or other emotions.  Don’t cultivate a support network to which you actually can go to for support.  And if you already happen to have a support network, don’t let them know how they can help you… make ’em guess.
  2. Channel the St. Louis Rams with their .125 Win percentage this past season. Have as few goals as possible.
  3. Believe Your Resume Is “Where It’s At”. Embrace Resume Paralysis.  Don’t bother to tailor it to every job you apply for.
  4. Become One With Your Laptop. Spend the majority of your time at home, behind the screen.
  5. Nurture Your Inner Child. Be helpless. Focus on yourself and your own needs – don’t worry about what any perspective employer would want from you.Do the bare minimum to get by.
  6. Become An “Island”.  Avoid meeting people.  Don’t even think about going to a networking meeting where you don’t already know someone.
  7. Discount Your Contacts – Even Better, Annoy Them!  Don’t bother to follow-up every lead that someone gives you.  Don’t bother to write thank you notes to people who help you.  After all, you are entitled to all the help someone can give to you, right?!
  8. Avoid Non-Traditional Paths. Pass up contract and temp work, and don’t even think about just taking on a project to keep you skills up to date.
  9. Talk Until They Drop. Don’t bother to listen to what people are asking you – just hammer away at your own canned message.  Be as vague and ambiguous as possible – that way no one can pin you down to anything specific.
  10. Believe In Your Heart That Your Next Job Is Forever. Stop networking as soon as you land.

I’ve seen various forms of this list floating around on the internet, but I don’t know the original authorship.  I have added some of my own comments throughout.

If any of these suggestions are ways that you are actually conducting your jobhunt, you need a jobhunter coach!  If you mention this article when you sign up for three hours of my coaching service between today and March 31, 2012 I’ll throw in a 4th hour absolutely free!  This offer is valid for new clients only.

Happy Hunting!



Social Media Cheat Sheet – Free Offer

11 Oct
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

People are getting hired!  The economy remains in the doldrums, but savvy job hunters who effectively use social media become prized targets for recruiters and HR staffing specialists.  I’ve just put together my latest “Cheat Sheet” which includes 20 tips for how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to get a job.  There is even an October Jobhuntercoach special offer included with it.

I’d be happy to send you my cheat sheet as a PDF file.  Send me a request with you name and contact information and you will receive it via return email.  Contact me at:

Happy Hunting!





Free Resume Review – Soon to Expire

10 Nov

NOTE:  I will be revising my “free resume review” policy, effective June 1, 2011.  Until that time, I will honor my earlier offers for a free resume review.  After June 1 there will be a charge for an initial resume review that will include a personal response with at least three suggestions for improvement.  Details of the new policy will be posted on June 1st.

Do you have a problem even getting anyone to read your resume to see what a great asset you would be to their company or organization?

I’m offering a full-scale resume review to the people who respond to this message prior to June 1, 2011.  It’s easy… it’s free… no strings! Learn how to make your message more compelling to hiring managers, recruiters, and HR staff with my success based format and language.

For ongoing tips, subscribe to this blog – but there is no need to do so to take advantage of this offer… just make a response below, or email me:

Can I help you get a leg up on the other 14 million Americans who are looking for a job at this time?

Arnie Fertig

Follow me on Twitter: @jobhuntercoach

What Do Recruiters Really Hate in a Resume?

7 Oct

This question was asked on one of my LinkedIn groups, with over 300 responses!

Here’s a sampling of answers:

  • “I once had a lady send me her resume which was 5 pages for 10 yrs of professional service and also included an additional 15 scanned pages of awards and accolades”
  • Project “Mangers” that are “detailed-orientated”
  • “…lack of attention to detail.”
  • “The thing that drives me insane is when a degreed professional has miss spelled words and improper grammer in their resume.”
  • “The most annoying–no, the word comical would be more accurate– thing to me is when people write their resumes in third-person voice: “Bob completes tasks completely and efficiently.’ Ok Bob, did you have an out-of-body experience when you wrote your resume?”

I have over 25,000 resumes in my database!  I know what works, what grabs attention, and what pitfalls to avoid.  Contact me for a free resume consult:  fertig

FALL SPECIAL: Free Jobhuntercoach Cheetsheet !

25 Sep

Free: Jobhuntercoach Cheetsheet

Just for responding to this post, I’ll be happy to send you my latest Jobhuntercoach Cheetsheet with insider tips on:

  • How to create an action oriented resume
  • How to create a huge network of contacts on LinkedIn, and then motivate them to aid you in your jobhunt
  • How to answer some of the toughest interview questions.

In addition, if you sign up for a 3 hour Coaching Package by the end of October, you will receive a 20% discount on my hourly rate!

Send me your name and email address to receive your free Jobhuntercoach Cheetsheet!  I’ll also be happy to enroll you, free of charge, to my periodic Jobhuntercoach Newsletter, which is published  once or twice each month.

Contact me at: