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Invitation To My Next LinkedIn Presentation

13 May

I hope to see you at my next presentation!



Wednesday, May 22nd from 6:00-7:15pm

Career Source, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge MA

3rd floor of Fresh Pond Shopping Center near the Alewife T Station.

There will also be an opportunity for networking along with refreshments.

In this forum, you will learn:

  • Why you should build your online network, and how to do it
  • How to use your network to help you get your next job
  • How to create an effective, compelling profile
  • The value of recommendations and endorsements
  • How to use LinkedIn to research opportunities and stay up-to-date in your field
  • How to identify and be seen by the thought leaders in your industry
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups to multiply your networking efforts, and may you “findable” by the right people.

Registration: Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Please call 617-661-7876 ext. 0 to reserve a seat and pay with a credit card, or pay cash at the door.  Cost: $10.00.

Career Source is operated by Middlesex Community College. Learn more at: www.yourcareersource.com.


Great Tax Tips for Job Hunters

20 Mar

I often say that getting a job is a job. It turns out that the IRS sees it that way too! Job hunters can (under certain circumstances) deduct expenses they incur in their search for employment, as if the job hunt were a business. 

In this week’s U.S. News article I offer some great specific suggestions from a CPA about how job hunters can find and take several unexpected deductions, as well as how to get a handle on their finances. Please pass it along to anyone who may find it useful! Here’s the link:



Swap a Stale Objective for a Fresh Branding Statement on Your Resume

16 Jan

These days resume evaluators assume that their job is your objective.  They are tired of looking at “Objective Statements” at the top of a resume, because at this stage the process is all about the employer’s objective to find great talent rather than the job hunter’s objective of finding a great job. A successful resume today replaces the “this is what I want” statement with a “this is the value that I offer” branding statement.

“Personal Branding” is today’s operative buzzword. Some job hunters are befuddled by what that is all about. In my USNews & World Report article I get to the heart of the statement that gets to the heart of who you are: your attributes, your value, and your uniqueness. Moreover, I provide examples of three different “knock your socks off” branding statements and how you can go about the task of projecting your value through your personal brand.  Here’s the link to the full article: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2013/01/15/resumes-101-swap-a-stale-objective-for-a-fresh-branding-statement?goback=.gde_4051582_member_204643023


How Headhunters Hunt… and How To Get Yourself Found

26 Dec

This week I interviewed Susie Hall, the President of VitaminT – a very large recruiting agency that deals primarily with “creative types”. We spoke about how recruiters go about finding great candidates, what they look for, how they network, and how job seekers can get on their radar. I’ve shared the highlights of that discussion, along with several tips about things that a job hunter can utilize to create an effective personal brand and get hired faster. Note: her advice is valid for people with all kinds of backgrounds, interests and aspirations. You can see what she says by following this link to my USNews & World Report article for this week: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2012/12/26/how-to-be-found-and-prized-by-headhunters#comments.

Happy reading… happy hunting, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Are You Ready To Own Your Own Business?

27 Nov

Are you in a dead-end job that is stifling your creativity? Have you had it with your boss or are you just fed-up with working for someone else? Are you coming to the conclusion that you will never be hired again? Have you always wanted to build your own business?

This week I interviewed two entrepreneurs who have opened their own businesses recently. They are “in the trenches” of building their American dream, and offer valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as your own boss.

Suzanne Gray, a small business coach with a nationwide clientele who works with The Entrepreneur’s Source in New Hampshire counsels, “Up front clarity is of critical importance.”

Read their insights about the motivation, skills, and personality you need to succeed, along other issues every potential business owner must work through in my newly published article on USNews & World Report.  Here’s the link to the full article: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2012/11/27/the-entrepreneurs-checklist-7-clues-youre-ready-to-own-a-business


26 Sep


Despite continued high unemployment numbers, companies are hiring. Surprisingly, they are finding it difficult to find just the right people for positions that they need to fill. Recruiters, often called “headhunters,” who took a huge hit when the economy tanked in 2008, are reporting that they are now busier than they have been in several years.

Working with a recruiter can be a great benefit in your job hunt, but only if you understand their role in the hiring process. It’s time to clear the air and bust some of the myths. In my latest article in USNews & World Report I debunk 5 of the most prevalent myths about recruiters. Here’s the link: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2012/09/25/5-myths-about-working-with-recruiters

Happy Hunting!




26 Oct

A newsletter circulated to recruiters is suggesting that they focus on today’s hottest occupations to maximize their commissions.  This should indicate to job hunters the kinds of skills that are most sought after, and which are most likely to land you your next job.  If you are in a career transition, you might want to consider one of these fields:

Computer software engineers for applications and salespeople are among occupations with relatively healthy growth in online job postings, according to career-services company Monster Worldwide.

Listed below are some occupations in which online job ads over the past 120 days are up strongly from a year earlier:

  1. Industrial engineers, up 28%.
  2. First-line supervisors/mgrs of mechanics, installers and repairers, up 25%
  3. Automotive specialty technicians, up 24%.
  4. Mechanical engineers, up 21%.
  5. Sales agents, financial services, up 20%.
  6. Retail salespeople, up 19%.
  7. Electrical engineers, up 17%.
  8. Loan officers, up 16%. Computer software engineers, applications, up 14%.
  9. Accountants, up 12%.

Three Key Points to Ace Your Interview!

21 Feb

Abby Kohut of AbsolutelyAbby.com had some pointers for job-seekers on how to make the interview work to their best advantage. Here are three:

1. Know your accomplishments and be able to articulate them confidently. “Most people develop amnesia on an interview, and when we ask for examples of successes, they can’t think of any,” she said. “Preparing a list of them in advance and memorizing them will enable you to think on your feet and answer practically any question.”

2. Demonstrate your passion for the job and the company that you are interviewing for. “Recruiters” – and employers – “want to know that you are excited about this job, not just a job. You should research the company for at least an hour and then figure out why you truly want to work there.”

3. Ask intelligent questions at the end. “Typically, the question I am asked at the end of an interview when I ask for questions is, ‘What are the next steps in the process?’ If that is the only thing you can think of to ask after an hour-long conversation, it may be perceived as a lack of interest in the job” by the interviewer. Kohut advises job-seekers to prepare a list of 20 questions on topics like the corporate culture, the company’s mission, the work environment, and the managers and management style, that can be used on any interview to indicate genuine interest in and excitement about the job one is interviewing for.

Abby is dead on correct with all three points!  I’ve made these same points over and over at the presentations I’ve been providing for years, and help my clients role play in advance of every interview to refine their jobhunter skills.  If you know of a group or audience in New England looking for a speaker on any aspect of the job search from creating a strategy, effective social networking and interviewing, all the way to the final negotiations, don’t hesitate to call on me!

Job hunters: Share your comments and suggestions below!  My readers and I would love to hear from you.

Arnie – Head Coach, Jobhuntercoach.com