31 May

I was so happy earlier this week to get this unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation from Jonathan Allen:

“Arnie is an experienced Job Coach who really knows what it takes to land the interview. I gave Bose my very best resume, cover letter and follow ups, but still got a refusal. Arnie then put forward a better resume, etc., and I landed a great interview and a great job at Bose. I still rely on Arnie’s great advice, and it pays off.”

If you have been running into stone walls in your job hunt, like Jonathan was before we met, you might want to consider the impact that coaching can have on your career. Chances are, I will be able to considerably shorten your job search process. For most people, even cutting off a week from the hunt far more than pays for the cost of coaching expenses. And, if you itemize your tax return, job hunting expenses like coaching can be a deductible expense.

My rates will be increasing during the summer. You will receive today’s rates for as long as you remain a client of mine if you sign up before the increase goes into effect. Let’s figure out together how I can be most effective for you!

Happy Hunting!


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