Free Resume Review – Soon to Expire

10 Nov

NOTE:  I will be revising my “free resume review” policy, effective June 1, 2011.  Until that time, I will honor my earlier offers for a free resume review.  After June 1 there will be a charge for an initial resume review that will include a personal response with at least three suggestions for improvement.  Details of the new policy will be posted on June 1st.

Do you have a problem even getting anyone to read your resume to see what a great asset you would be to their company or organization?

I’m offering a full-scale resume review to the people who respond to this message prior to June 1, 2011.  It’s easy… it’s free… no strings! Learn how to make your message more compelling to hiring managers, recruiters, and HR staff with my success based format and language.

For ongoing tips, subscribe to this blog – but there is no need to do so to take advantage of this offer… just make a response below, or email me:

Can I help you get a leg up on the other 14 million Americans who are looking for a job at this time?

Arnie Fertig

Follow me on Twitter: @jobhuntercoach


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