NOTE:  This page will feature articles I’ve written for CAREEREALISM.COM and other sites.

Here are links to the most popular articles which I’ve written:

Top 10 Ways To Slow Down Your Job Hunt

Making Friends With HR

2 Key Ways To Focus Your Job Hunt Message

3 Critical Elements for LinkedIn Connection Invites

6 Tweeting Ways to Get Your Next Job

[R]energize Your Job Hunt in 8 Steps

10 Things Employers & Recruiters Want From Candidates

How Recruiters Are Taught To Utilize Social Media

3 Key Points to Ace Your Interview

Resume Tips From an HR Staffing Pro

Use Facts to Brag About Yourself

It’s not just WHAT you know… it’s WHO you know, too!

Why 48% of New Hires Fail Within 18 Months

What Do Recruiters Really Hate in a Resume?

Today’s Tip: Make Your Resume Easy to Save & Retrieve

Happy hunting!

Arnie Fertig, MPA

Head Coach and Founder

I coach  job hunters locally in Greater Boston, and throughout the U.S. via phone and Skype.  I am frequent public speaker, and invite opportunities to speak with your group!  You can contact me at:  and link up with me at: Follow me on Twitter: @jobhuntercoach.


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