What Do Recruiters Really Hate in a Resume?

7 Oct

This question was asked on one of my LinkedIn groups, with over 300 responses!

Here’s a sampling of answers:

  • “I once had a lady send me her resume which was 5 pages for 10 yrs of professional service and also included an additional 15 scanned pages of awards and accolades”
  • Project “Mangers” that are “detailed-orientated”
  • “…lack of attention to detail.”
  • “The thing that drives me insane is when a degreed professional has miss spelled words and improper grammer in their resume.”
  • “The most annoying–no, the word comical would be more accurate– thing to me is when people write their resumes in third-person voice: “Bob completes tasks completely and efficiently.’ Ok Bob, did you have an out-of-body experience when you wrote your resume?”

I have over 25,000 resumes in my database!  I know what works, what grabs attention, and what pitfalls to avoid.  Contact me for a free resume consult:  fertig


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