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If You Want a Great Job, Tell a Great Story

11 Dec

The film Lincoln is getting rave reviews because it tells a great story in an engaging way. And, it reminds us that the 16th president was most effective at convincing someone to take his side when he was able, without hesitation, to reach into his past and relate a story to the current moment. If you are a job hunter, there are several important lessons you can learn from this movie to aid you in your search.

First and foremost, you need to begin to see yourself as a storyteller. In my article this week in USNews & World report, I explain what I mean by this and offer five other key insights about your job hunt gleaned from this great new movie. Here’s the link:



28 Aug

Celebrities like Lady Gaga (approximately 28.8 million Twitter followers) and Justin Bieber (approximately 27.1 million followers) can advance their careers and gain even more notoriety with a 140 character long tweet. But can a job hunter with no followers actually use this site of very short messages to get a job? You bet you can!

In my article this week, I identify Twitter techniques that recruiters use, and how you can capitalize on them as you hunt for your next job. This major social media site can be mined for job opportunities not easily found elsewhere and help you track the activities of companies. When you carefully put yourself “out there” you can greatly add to the value of your own personal brand. To learn more, follow this link to the article:

Happy hunting !

Tweet Your Way into the Job Interview Process

4 May

My article and related video that I produced are now featured on

Learn key searches, hashtags, and concepts to make Twitter an effective element of your job hunt.  Please check it out and “like”… and comment!  Here’s the link:

Happy hunting!


New 2 minute video: Tweet Your Way to Your Next Job

25 Apr

I’ve just posted a 2 minute video on the topic: How To Tweet Your Way
To Your Next Job.  Here’s the link:

I’d love it if you would check it out and leave a comment or two.This will be the first in a series of video shorts for job hunters
that I’ll be posting.  Do subscribe to the YouTube Jobhuntercoach channel to get them all as they are produced… and while you are at
it, subscribe to this website to gain access to all my articles as soon as they appear.

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Arnie Fertig

Social Media Cheat Sheet – Free Offer

11 Oct
Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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People are getting hired!  The economy remains in the doldrums, but savvy job hunters who effectively use social media become prized targets for recruiters and HR staffing specialists.  I’ve just put together my latest “Cheat Sheet” which includes 20 tips for how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to get a job.  There is even an October Jobhuntercoach special offer included with it.

I’d be happy to send you my cheat sheet as a PDF file.  Send me a request with you name and contact information and you will receive it via return email.  Contact me at:

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