4 Ways A Thank You Note Holds Sway!

17 Oct

Baseball season is nearing a World Series crescendo, and football season is well underway. Any pitcher or quarterback will tell you that the follow through after they throw the ball is critical to successful execution. The same holds true for you, the job hunter: Your follow through after the interview is just as important as the cover letter and resume that you submitted to get the interview in the first place.

In my latest USNews & World Report Careers blog post, I write about the importance of promptly sending individualized note to every person who interviews you for a job, from HR to the hiring manager. The note can do important things all at once. Click the link and find out more! Here’s the URL: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2012/10/16/4-things-a-well-written-thank-you-note-can-accomplish



One Response to “4 Ways A Thank You Note Holds Sway!”

  1. Patricia Edwards October 17, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Thank you for reminding job seekers that a Thank You note is highly recommended. In my career coaching practice, I am asked if it is still “necessary” and many people think it is outdated. Like you, I encourage an acknowledgement and thank you for an interview and I go another step to recommend one as follow up to a networking event. While it may seem like a benign and unimportant token, a thank you note can also include an additional piece of information that you want to share with the recruiter or hiring manager. Any way to make additional data points get you that much closer to the job offer.
    Thanks, Arnie, for another great post.

    Patricia Edwards

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