26 Oct

A newsletter circulated to recruiters is suggesting that they focus on today’s hottest occupations to maximize their commissions.  This should indicate to job hunters the kinds of skills that are most sought after, and which are most likely to land you your next job.  If you are in a career transition, you might want to consider one of these fields:

Computer software engineers for applications and salespeople are among occupations with relatively healthy growth in online job postings, according to career-services company Monster Worldwide.

Listed below are some occupations in which online job ads over the past 120 days are up strongly from a year earlier:

  1. Industrial engineers, up 28%.
  2. First-line supervisors/mgrs of mechanics, installers and repairers, up 25%
  3. Automotive specialty technicians, up 24%.
  4. Mechanical engineers, up 21%.
  5. Sales agents, financial services, up 20%.
  6. Retail salespeople, up 19%.
  7. Electrical engineers, up 17%.
  8. Loan officers, up 16%. Computer software engineers, applications, up 14%.
  9. Accountants, up 12%.

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