Rising To The Top: Life On the Line

9 Mar

I heard about the autobiographical book, Life On The Line:  A Chef’s Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We Eat, by Grant Achatz on NPR, and was fascinated by the story of a five-star chef who was struck with cancer of the tongue.  The story does tell of his successful treatment… but what I’m finding remarkable is Achatz’s development as a chef.  His narrative is simple and straightforward.  His story is compelling. And I’m writing about it here because he embodies the qualities of drive, creativity, self-motivated passion for success, and perfection that are necessary for anyone in any field to show to rise to the top.

From the beginning of his career, Chef Achatz took risks (some that I would not recommend — like leaving one job before you have another one lined up) in order to stay true to his core belief in himself and his passion to be a leader in his field.  If you are a jobhunter, you need to maintain that same sense of self-confidence, high energy, and vision for your future.  This is not intended as a “self-help” book, but many are the lessons that can be translated to those struggling with issues of career advancement, self-image, and motivation.  Pick it up and you won’t put it down. Read it and be inspired!


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