How Recruiters Are Taught To Utilize Social Media

24 Feb

In the recruiting world there are two kinds of candidates:

  • ACTIVE – anyone actively seeking a job by posting a resume online, applying to specific ads, etc.
  • PASSIVE – individuals who would be “star” candidates and would be open to hearing about new possibilities, but who have not yet posted their resume or applied to any position.

Although one can have a legitimate argument about which is the “better” candidate, virtually 100% of the time hiring managers and recruiters prefer dealing with PASSIVE rather than active candidates.

Social Media is now rapidly becoming the means by which recruiters find and reach out to those passive candidates. If you wish to be found by a recruiter, it only makes sense to learn how they are being taught to play the game.

Today, I received the ad below from a company marketing its training programs for recruiters.  Check it out and see what they are being taught.  Then position yourself to be found.  Much more on how a jobhunter can use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in future posts.  If you haven’t already, sign in to this website (it is free and takes just a minute), and you will receive future posts as they are made.

The AD In My Inbox:

(Note: I’ve replaced the company’s name with XXXXX throughout)

“… learn how XXXX‘s social media recruiting platform saves you time, money and frustration, while filling your positions and reinforcing your brand.

  • In this webinar you will learn how XXXXX can help you to:
  • Tap into 600M+ engaged users on Facebook, the largest social network in the world.
  • Embed career videos and other interactive brand features in your job postings.
  • Reach candidates on 300+ social networks with social media optimized job postings.
  • Automatically publish jobs to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Accelerate the growth of your qualified top talent pool.
  • Proactively leverage your social networks in referral hiring.

XXXXX is the leading platform for social media recruiting, social media optimization, automatic job publishing to social media, referral hiring, talent network management and semantic profile-based matching. XXXXX is used by companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 to startups, across all industries from retail to healthcare and by direct employers as well as staffing and recruiting firms.”

The moral of the story: It is critically important to position yourself in a professional, compelling way online.  Use the social media to your advantage to build your personal brand.  And, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, seek guidance!

Happy hunting!



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