Three Key Points to Ace Your Interview!

21 Feb

Abby Kohut of had some pointers for job-seekers on how to make the interview work to their best advantage. Here are three:

1. Know your accomplishments and be able to articulate them confidently. “Most people develop amnesia on an interview, and when we ask for examples of successes, they can’t think of any,” she said. “Preparing a list of them in advance and memorizing them will enable you to think on your feet and answer practically any question.”

2. Demonstrate your passion for the job and the company that you are interviewing for. “Recruiters” – and employers – “want to know that you are excited about this job, not just a job. You should research the company for at least an hour and then figure out why you truly want to work there.”

3. Ask intelligent questions at the end. “Typically, the question I am asked at the end of an interview when I ask for questions is, ‘What are the next steps in the process?’ If that is the only thing you can think of to ask after an hour-long conversation, it may be perceived as a lack of interest in the job” by the interviewer. Kohut advises job-seekers to prepare a list of 20 questions on topics like the corporate culture, the company’s mission, the work environment, and the managers and management style, that can be used on any interview to indicate genuine interest in and excitement about the job one is interviewing for.

Abby is dead on correct with all three points!  I’ve made these same points over and over at the presentations I’ve been providing for years, and help my clients role play in advance of every interview to refine their jobhunter skills.  If you know of a group or audience in New England looking for a speaker on any aspect of the job search from creating a strategy, effective social networking and interviewing, all the way to the final negotiations, don’t hesitate to call on me!

Job hunters: Share your comments and suggestions below!  My readers and I would love to hear from you.

Arnie – Head Coach,


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