Tip of the Day: Never Use LinkedIn Boilerplate Text!

30 Nov

We are all busy people… but it is important to take the time to be as personal as possible when building your network either online or in person!  Make sure you offer value to the other person, and don’t come across as being too needy by conveying this unspoken message: “I want to network with you to see if you can help me find a job.”

Being personal in your invites, request to forwards, etc.  doesn’t have to take a lot of your time.  No need to retype everything, or to compose an entirely new note every time you want to invite someone to connect with you!

Here’s the tip:

1)      Create your own “boilerplate” invites, requests to be connected to others, etc. all within a single text file (*.txt) in Word or some other word processor, and save it to your desktop or someplace very easy to reach. Create a series of messages such as:

a.      “XXXX, great to see that you are on LinkedIn!  I’d love to reconnect with you after all these years, and would be happy to help you in building your online network and have LinkedIn help us to keep up to date with each other.  Let’s link up!”

b.      “XXXX, wonderful to meet you at ___ ! It appears that we have some common interests in AAAA, BBB, and CCC. I’d be happy to assist you in building your online network and have LinkedIn help us to keep up to date with each other.  You might also be interested in joining ZZZ  LinkedIn group because the discussions often deal with topics that are relevant to ABABAB  Let’s link up!”

Etc. – make several kinds of requests to link up, requests to be connected to others, etc. templates.  If you can’t think of them in advance, then each time you write a new one, save it to your text file before you hit “send” on LinkedIn, and you will then be able to re-edit and use your own messages in the future.

2)      When you are inviting someone to link up, just copy and paste the proper part of your boilerplate text into the LinkedIn request form, and be certain to spend a short amount of time to make it specific to your contact.  Be sure to use his/her name, place you met, area(s) of common interest, etc.  Make it real!

Do you have a tip to share that has worked well for you? Please share it by making a response (below) to this post.

Go forth and network!

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