Today’s Tip: Use Facts to “Brag On Yourself”

11 Oct

One of the hardest things for jobhunters to do is to run the fine line between self-aggrandizement and self-deprecating humility.

Candidates who say on their resume or in an interview things like, “I’m a great fit for your job” or “I’m the best at…” come off sounding conceited.  Other candidates have trouble conveying how good they really are for many reasons.

Remember: it is the job of the interviewer to evaluate you and your credentials.  Don’t take that role away by making “conclusion” statements about yourself.  Instead, remember that it is the job of the jobhunter to provide enough solid facts and evidence to lead the interview to the inevitable conclusion that you are the “best fit” candidate!

Whether in your resume or in an interviewer, you should focus on facts – achievements attained, and methodologies used.  Quantify wherever possible!

If you say: “Responsible for increasing sales” doesn’t say anything about whether or not you achieved that goal – or how you did it.  It gives the resume reviewer no basis to judge how successful you have been, or might be in your next position.

Better to restate it something like this: “Achieved goal of 22% increased sales by…. “  This statement gives the reviewer a sense of your accomplishments – in size and scale, as well as demonstrating that you know how to go about replicating that kind of result in your next job.   Statements like these create the inevitable conclusion of the resume evaluator:  “This candidate has what it takes to be successful here!”

Few people will be able to quantify their accomplishments in terms of hard numbers for every single bullet,  but that is the aim.  And even if you can’t cite the numbers, you need to convey as best as possible what you did – not what your job description says you should have done!

Stating facts is just that – it isn’t bragging, and it isn’t overly humble.  It is the best tool to avoid both of those pitfalls, while presenting yourself as a person of valuable accomplishment!

Happy Hunting!



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