Today’s Tip: Make Your Resume Easy to Save & Retrieve

6 Oct


By thoughtfully naming your resume, it will be unique, making it easier to save and retrieve for both yourself and to whomever you send it.  With this tiny bit of effort you can show that you really care about the position for which you are applying!

Give your resume a unique name for every place that you send it by using the “Save As” command in your word processor.  Use this format for your document title:

<your_firstname>_ <your_lastname> Resume for_<submission_company_name>- i.e. “Arnie Fertig Resume for ABC Company”.

Save each version of your resume in a Resume Directory, and when you are called by the company, it will be easy for you to retrieve the version that they are responding to!

You’ll make life easier also for any HR staff, hiring manager, or recruiter you are working with to efficiently file and find your resume.

Put yourself in their place for a moment.  How annoying do you think it is to receive 24 resumes each day titled “Resume.doc” and then have to go through the renaming process to save, file, or upload every one of them to an applicant tracking system?  More often than not, if the resume isn’t immediately appealing, they will just delete it rather than bothering to rename and save your document.

As a job hunter it is your job to make it easy for people to want to deal with you by showing consideration at every stage!

I invite you contact me at for a complementary initial consultation. No pressure… just information and support.  I want to know what you have been doing so far.  I promise to give you at least two tips that you can use right away to enhance your job hunt – no charge!

Happy Hunting!


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